Fourth Street Gardens Wedding | Shydon & Dawson

Outdoor ceremony and reception photos from a wedding at Fourth Street Gardens in Emmett, Idaho

We strolled around the property at Fourth Street Gardens on the morning of Shydon and Dawson’s wedding. Reception set up was happening on the lawn surrounded by trees while Shydon was getting ready with family in the bridal suite. 

We moved through the morning in anticipation, much like Shydon and Dawson who couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle to become husband and wife. 

bride's shoes, ring, jewelry
wedding rings
bride putting on shoes at Fourth Street Gardens
bridal portrait at Fourth Street gardens
bride's pearl necklace
groom's bow tie, cufflinks, ring, watch
bride with bridesmaids
bride walking
groom smiling

Outdoor ceremony at Fourth Street Gardens surrounded by family and friends

At Fourth Street Gardens in Emmett, Idaho, the ceremony aisle is lined with tall trees on both sides, one of Shydon and Dawson’s favorite parts of the space. As Shydon walked down the aisle toward her groom, it was like no one else existed. Their ceremony, sealed with a stunning dip kiss, was just the beginning of their wedding celebration.

flowers at Fourth Street Gardens
wedding welcome sign
groom waiting for bride
bride walking down the aisle
ceremony kiss at Fourth Street Gardens
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Sunset reception in Emmett, Idaho

One of the ways Shydon and Dawson’s wedding day was personal to them was the inclusion of food trucks at their reception. Guests mingled and ordered food before gathering to watch the events of the reception unfold.

couple smiling
reception record decor

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Golden hour portraits with Shydon and Dawson

During their reception, we pulled Shydon and Dawson aside for a few minutes as the sun went down to capture just a few more portraits of the two of them. After a whirlwind day celebrating with their loved ones, we used that time to give them some space to relax together. Their comfortability,  intimacy, and joy is written all over those portraits which ended up being some of our favorites from their wedding day.

bride and groom smiling at each other

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couple kissing
bride and groom
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bride holding dress
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bride and groom returning to reception
dancing at wedding reception

Sparkler exit on their way out of Fourth Street Gardens

At the end of the night, Shydon and Dawson changed out of their wedding attire and walked down a celebration aisle lined with their cheering family and friends. Sparklers lit up the dark summer sky at Fourth Street Gardens. Looking around, we could tell how much love and support Shydon and Dawson felt in those moments. They celebrated their wedding their way, with their people, and it was perfect.

couple kissing at sparkler exit
sparkler exit at Fourth Street Gardens

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