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Being invited into the most personal celebrations and intimate stories is one of my greatest privileges as a photographer. Beyond amazing locations and beautiful details, I love photography because of the people. Camera in hand, I simultaneously get to know people and give them the gift of seeing a deeper part of themselves and the people they love. Photography has taught me to slow down; to observe, experience, and engage in order to know when to take the most meaningful photograph.

Long before I was photographing weddings, I was taking and printing photographs of my life. I’m Becky Dean, and I’m an artist, a wife, and a momma. Each time I pick up my mom’s old film camera to snap a photo of my boys or grab a phone photo of a mundane moment with Kylo makes me a better photographer for my clients. As an artist I’m not only creating my favorite work on wedding days. Day in and day out, I’m capturing the things in my own life worth remembering—the stories I’ll be retelling for years—and I’d love to do that for you.

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As a photographer, there’s nothing like the moment you snap the shutter and know you’ve just created an image that will move people.

We deliver artful photographs that are important to people—photographs that evoke an experience, photographs that tell a story, photographs that show the beauty of being human and being in relationship.

Stories can be written in a 500 page novel, a three line poem, or a single photograph.

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Our work can capture generations of love and strife, hours or work or toil, and intimate details of life.

Every time we show up to shoot, we bring our whole selves and that includes the influence of the people who came before us. Family is a cornerstone of our life and work—whether blood or chosen. One person—one relationship—can impact generations and we believe that applies to you too. What we hope for your photographs is that they allow you and the people you love to experience something unexpected; that they make you feel something; that they bring you back and provide opportunities to tell stories.

And we can’t wait to capture them for you.

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Their energy made us so comfortable and we knew that the photos they were capturing were going to be perfect.
-Alli & Matt


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