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I understand the value of a cohesive vendor team and the integral role a planner plays in that. If we haven’t worked together before, I’d love to connect to understand your needs, communication preferences, planning timeline, and key connection points to ensure we both can do our best work.


Can I see a full gallery?

Of course! Inquire and include a note about a full gallery, and I’d be happy to send over some full galleries for you to peruse.

Do you do custom proposals?

Yes. I understand that each client is unique and would love to create a collection that fits their needs.

Do you travel?

Yes! I love to travel for weddings and/or engagement sessions and will include the travel cost in the client’s custom quote.

Do you work with a second shooter or team?

Yes! I work with a second photographer and/or team for weddings and events with the exception of some intimate weddings or elopements. For years my husband, Kaleb, and I photographed every Studio Ostendo wedding together. Kaleb is an equal artist and astounding photographer, and whenever possible he accompanies me as a second photographer. With our evolving family needs, there are some weddings or events he is unable to attend, and when that is the case another talented photographer will join me.

I photograph portrait sessions, family sessions, and lifestyle sessions solo.

Do you offer albums?

I offer a variety of physical products for sessions and events, including prints and albums. 

Do you shoot film?

Yes! I love including film photographs in my work. I choose when to shoot film depending on a variety of factors. If you or your client love the look of film, let me know when you inquire!

Can you photograph details/flat lays the day before the wedding?

Yes! When possible I prefer to photograph whatever details I can prior to the wedding day so I can be present with the client on the day of the event.

Do you photograph BTS and event details for planners?

In my client galleries I include a variety of detail photographs that showcase the vendors’ work.

If you are a planner and are interested in hiring me to photograph BTS and event details exclusively for you, inquire and let me know! I understand that the client’s photographer doesn’t always match the planner’s brand aesthetic, and I’d be happy to provide you with a custom quote to capture details and process photographs at a real event. 


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