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City Hall Wedding Chicago | Peggy & Alex

An intimate winter wedding in Chicago, this City Hall wedding was the perfect celebration for Peggy and Alex.

Some couples love a big wedding day surrounded by a room full of loved ones, some prefer a scaled back celebration. No matter the format, it’s my favorite when couples choose to celebrate their marriage in a way that’s personal and meaningful to them. Peggy and Alex’s City Hall wedding in Chicago was exactly that. 

Peggy & Alex’s intimate winter wedding in Chicago

Peggy and Alex got married at City Hall on a rainy winter day in Chicago. The January sky was grey with a few moments here and there of rain or snow (who can tell in Chicago sometimes!). Peggy and Alex got ready at Waldorf Astoria before meeting me over at City Hall with their parents, sisters, and a few close family friends. As soon as Peggy walked in the door, joyful energy consumed the day. 

Why a City Hall wedding in Chicago was perfect for them

For Peggy and Alex, the more they thought about how they wanted to get married, the more a City Hall wedding made sense for them. They wanted the celebration to be intimate—to really spend the day in a relaxed atmosphere with each other and a few close family members and friends. Peggy told me she didn’t need or want stereotypical Chicago, but wanted to be able to feel the Chicago they know and love in their photos, and to see their relationship through their photos of the day. I love the way her vision came to life, and all day long she kept saying, this is exactly how I envisioned this day. It was perfect. 

City Hall Ceremony and Portraits

Peggy and Alex shared their vows and were officially married in Chicago’s iconic City Hall building. We took some portraits inside City Hall with their family and friends before heading out—winter coats and all—to take a few photos around Chicago. Peggy and Alex live in Chicago, and it was so fun to see them enjoying each other and the city all afternoon! 

Intimate dinner with family and friends at 312 Chicago

Later that night Peggy and Alex met their family and friends at 312 Chicago for a delicious dinner. After a relaxed cocktail hour full of old stories and new memories, they sat down around one table for a meal together, ending the night with toasts, dancing, and a traditional cake cutting.

As their photographer, the best part of their City Hall wedding day was seeing them be 100% themselves all day. Hosting an intimate wedding and dinner allowed Peggy and Alex to celebrate their own way, and I could tell it felt exactly how they imagined. 

Tips for a City Hall Wedding in Chicago

If you’re planning a City Hall wedding in Chicago, here are my top tips for you: 

  • Call the Marriage Court for the most up to date information including hours, appointments, guidelines, etc.: (312) 603-5660
  • Bring a valid marriage or civil union license and $10 cash 
  • The easiest place to enter is at 118 N. Clark Street at City Hall, then head to the Marriage Court on the lower level via the escalator on the left. The iconic “City Hall” sign is located around the corner at 119 W Randolph St. 
  • City Hall ceremonies are short: 3-5 minutes long. If you prepare vows or something to say, make it brief and meaningful! 
  • Hire a photographer to capture your ceremony! City Hall and the Chicago Marriage Court do not provide any photos. 
  • Make the most of your City Hall wedding day in Chicago! Having a City Hall ceremony gives you the opportunity to spend the day how you want—choose locations and activities that mean something to you! 

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Chicago, I’d love to connect! 

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