Boise Wedding Photographer's Best of 2021 Candid Wedding Photos

Boise wedding photographers sharing our favorite candid wedding photos from 2021

One of the best parts of being wedding photographers is that we get a front row seat to some of the most intimate and meaningful moments on each and every wedding day. It is so important to us as wedding photographers in Boise and Chicago that we connect with our couples, so that when we show up on wedding days we're a comfortable presence in every room—we belong. 

Wedding photos that will be cherished forever

While our photography approach on wedding days is a mix between giving natural posing direction to help our couples and their loved ones look their best and capturing candid moments as they happen, it's always the candid moments we love most. When we blend into the room and see even the smallest interactions we know our couples will cherish, the click of the shutter feels so important. 

In 2021, we photographed some amazing couples and weddings in both Idaho and Chicagoland. We are so honored when couples and their families welcome us as some of their own on a wedding day. Hearing stories about the couple from their wedding party, close family members, and beloved guests are some of our favorite moments on wedding days. We know we’ve done our job well as photographers when a couple flips through their wedding photographs and is entirely captivated reliving each moment—the ones they remember and the ones they never got to see until they see them in photographs. 

This year, we wanted to share some of our favorite candid wedding photos with you!

Best of 2021 candid wedding photos

When couples trust us to photograph their wedding day, we are able to capture some amazing moments for them! From tears with loved ones to intimate hugs, to pure joy on the dance floor, we love the candid moments we get to capture as Boise wedding photographers. Without further ado, our favorite candid wedding photos from 2021...

groom hugging dad at wedding
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ring bearer smiling with flag
couple cheers under string lights at wedding
couple dancing at wedding
flower girls in outdoor wedding
bride and groom celebrating at wedding ceremony
bride and groom hugging
wedding party cheering in bridal suite
wedding band singing
flower girl and grandpa at wedding in Boise
bride and mom crying
bride and groom laughing during wedding toasts
bride and groom first dance at Cafe Brauer
guests and groom dancing at wedding reception
bride and groom hugging during their first look
bride and groom walking off of the dance floor
bride and groom kissing with bubbles
bride and mom in bridal suite
groom and mom dancing at his wedding
head table laughing during wedding toasts
ring bearers high fiving
bride and bridesmaids toasting
parents laughing during wedding toast
bride and groom cheering as they enter the wedding reception
dad and daughter crying during first dance

If you're looking for a wedding photographer in Boise, McCall, Sun Valley, or Chicago, we'd love to connect! Reach out using our contact form and we'll get in touch!

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Wedding photography is my heartbeat. For me, it holds the perfect tension between creativity and authenticity, observation and connection. In front of my camera clients transform to friends, and behind it you'll usually find me tearing up, cheering you on, or holding my breath because of the raw goodness of the moment at hand.

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Becky Dean
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