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Behind the Scenes 2021 | Chicago and Boise Wedding Photographers

A peek into the work life of Chicago and Boise wedding photographers, Studio Ostendo

Ever wonder what it's like to be a wedding photographer? As always, as the year comes to a close, we're taking you behind the scenes with us!

We had a wonderful year filled with Studio Ostendo couples and we loved celebrating each one. To all our couples and clients, THANK YOU for trusting us to photograph and tell your stories. As wedding photographers, we are so honored that we get to spend one of the most significant days in a couple's life alongside them. And while most of what you get to see on our social media and website is all about our couples, we're pulling back the curtain and sharing what it's like to have Studio Ostendo photograph your wedding day!

Wedding Photographers in Boise and Chicago

As wedding photographers, Kaleb and I approach our work differently, and that's part of what makes us an amazing team.

Our weddings took us all over the country this year, with the majority of our weddings and engagement sessions in Boise and Chicago! While we love the Chicago skyline and lakefront, it was a breath of creative fresh air to photograph couples in McCall, New Meadows, downtown Boise, Bogus Basin, and more.

As always, we braved a variety of weather—from Chicago wind and ice to rain mid-ceremony to humid summer nights along the Chicago lakefront.

But no matter the weather, including the rainiest July we've ever had, our clients always loved their images! We love showing couples (and sometimes their loved ones too!) the back of the camera on their wedding day or during their engagement session.

And really, working with our couples and meeting their families is one of the BEST parts of being wedding photographers.

But can I let you in on a secret?

We also LOVE when we're able to bless our closest family and friends with our creative gifts and our business. This year we got to capture some of the sweetest memories for some of our very best friends (INCLUDING our newest niece and nephew)...

But what is it really like to have us as your wedding photographer? 

Well even though I'm the outgoing one, the one who walks couples through the wedding photography process from start to finish, Kaleb's always making friends...

But he never complains when I blatantly step right in front of him when he's already found the perfect angle...

And sometimes, he helps me get to exaaactly the right spot—even if it means lifting me up or letting me get on his shoulders!

When you're in front of the camera with us, I'm the one who calls the shots. While we don't pose every moment on a wedding day, I've always got your back, helping you look and feel amazing in front of the camera!

But posing isn't all we help with! In fact, as wedding photographers, we do a lot more than take photos.

Kaleb is well known among our Studio Ostendo couples as a personal stylist...

He talks with all our grooms as they wait for their first look, a natural calming presence.

He even guards tables at receptions when I want to grab a detail shot before the water gets poured and the butter passed out!

Sometimes you just don't know when you need someone to fluff your dress...

dry off the bottom of your bouquet...

pick up trash in your photo spot...

fix your bustle so you can get back on the dance floor...

fluff your hair so it lays just right...

get their own butt dirty so you don't have to...

or take a photo for the family awkwardly trying to grab a selfie so they can get out of the background of the money shot...

You also never know when you'll encounter some wildlife during your time with us. But know this...Kaleb will definitely pause and grab a photo of it...

Kaleb and I will always do whatever it takes to get the shot, which means you'll see a good power stance every once in a while (if that's what we can call it)...

A lot of the time we'll use each other to test our light...

And if you didn't guess, Kaleb is an amazing model whenever he has a moment in front of my camera...

As wedding photographers, we love doing engagement sessions with all our couples. That way when we show up on their wedding day, we already feel like old friends and they're so much more comfortable in front of the camera with us!

Here's what it's like to see us in action on a wedding day

And while I cull and edit every wedding, I'm learning that Kaleb is a sucker for a good mirror pic...

But what stood out most as I went through all the behind the scenes photos we collected this year, is that we really have the best time serving and celebrating our couples.

So much so, that you may even catch me dancing every once in a while...

Cheers to another beautiful year photographing weddings

To all our couples (and their loved ones!), followers, supporters, cheerleaders, friendors (vendor friends), and family, we couldn't do this beautiful work without you. Cheers to 2021, a killer year in our book! We can't wait to celebrate all over again in 2022 with new couples and the same dance moves.

Love and hugs, Team Dean.

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Becky Dean
I'm a Co-founder and Lead Photographer at Studio Ostendo.

Wedding photography is my heartbeat. For me, it holds the perfect tension between creativity and authenticity, observation and connection. In front of my camera clients transform to friends, and behind it you'll usually find me tearing up, cheering you on, or holding my breath because of the raw goodness of the moment at hand.

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Becky Dean, Boise Wedding Photographer at Pen and Lens Photography
Becky Dean
Co-Founder, Studio Ostendo

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