The Experience

Let’s design a lifestyle session that’s meaningful to you. 

Once you decide to work with me, we’ll connect to create a session personalized to you and your family. What I hope for your session is that it’s a time for you to connect with your loved ones in a way that’s meaningful to you. Whether reading books and playing on the floor at home, going on a family hike, or grabbing your favorite pizza for a picnic together—whatever we decide to do for your session, it will be more about time together doing everyday things than creating perfect, pretty pictures. While you enjoy that time with your loved ones, I’ll observe, give some subtle art direction, photograph, and create art that will hold your family memories for years to come. And when you look back on these images, I hope you’ll remember a specific season of life and the authentic moments you shared as a family.

From the beginning, photographs were printed and families cherished those photographs for generations. Your lifestyle session is designed with physical photographs in mind.


First, you’ll purchase your session (up to 1.5 hours), which includes my time and talent: $200.

You can choose to upgrade your session by adding the following:
Hybrid film & digital photography
Full film photography session
1 additional location + 1 additional hour
Next, you’ll choose how you’d like to receive your images from the following options:
Purchase all digital JPEG files from your session for $225
Order a custom album, folio album, boxed set of prints, or matted prints (starting at $400 + sales tax)
Purchase prints individually from your session
Kaleb and Becky hugging and laughing
I’d love to walk you through the process and capture the connection and legacy of your family. Inquire below.


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What type of milestones work for a lifestyle photography session?

Milestones that work exceptionally well for your lifestyle photography session include pregnancy/maternity, welcoming a new baby or child into your home and family, family photos that document your family in its current stage of life, celebrating an anniversary, adventuring on vacation together, etc. Events such as birthday parties, weddings, reunions, etc. are still events our studio can cover, however the investment and delivery will look different for event photography. Feel free to reach out to me at if you’d like to chat more about what type of session is best for you!

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I’m looking for updated family portraits of my immediate or extended family (i.e. smiling at the camera), do you do sessions like that?

Yes! If all you are looking for are portraits of your family, kids, etc. smiling at the camera, mention that in your inquiry form or send me an email at Sometimes a mini session may be a better fit in that case and I’d be happy to share availability and investment information with you. If you love the idea of a lifestyle session, but also want a photo or two where you and your loved ones are smiling at the camera, we can incorporate that into your session.

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How should we dress for our lifestyle session?

Because each session is personalized to you, it’s up to you! I will happily share tips for what to wear and how to prepare if you’d like to coordinate attire, but if you’d rather dress how you would in everyday life and that fits the session we design together, that’s fine too!

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What do you mean by “hybrid film & digital photography” and “full film photography” session? Why does it cost extra? And what do you recommend?

“Hybrid film and digital photography” means I’ll be using both a digital camera and a film camera to take photographs during your session. Your gallery will include photos from both, but all the final files will be JPEGs. “Full film photography” sessions means I will only use film cameras during your photography session. 

Photographing using film cameras adds to your session cost because of the cost of purchasing and processing film. 

For lifestyle photography sessions, I love and highly recommend both hybrid and full film sessions. Film photos have a specific style and nostalgia to them that works really well for lifestyle sessions. Using film cameras requires a slower pace of shooting that I prefer for lifestyle sessions.

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How many photos will you deliver and when will we get them?

An average gallery from a lifestyle session includes 70-100 photos. Galleries are delivered within 2-4 weeks of your session.

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Where will our session take place?

When we design your lifestyle session, we will brainstorm location ideas together! Your session includes my travel within an hour of Boise, Idaho. If you’d like to do your session somewhere beyond that, I can provide you a custom quote. 

If I already have travel planned to a specific location outside of Boise, Idaho (hey Chicago/NWI friends!), I may be able to waive travel fees.

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What is the cost associated with specific products and prints when the gallery is delivered?

Complete the inquiry form on this page and leave me a note about specific product pricing. I’ll circle back to you with a current print and product price list for the specific things you’re interested in.

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I have more questions, how can we connect?

Include a note about your questions when you complete the inquiry form on this page. I’d be happy to connect via email or phone to answer any other questions you have.

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